Gaming Tournament Winner

Season 3 Review

26 April 2021

Article by Mark "FarouqDubz" Wheal


What a season its been! Through the highs and the lows, team morale has remained high and is a testament to every player that has "put on the shirt" to represent REME Esports. Here's a quick review of each team fortunes.

- CoD A Team -

Not much to say about them, domination pretty much sums it up. After two extremely disappointing seasons in the Modern Warfare format, BO:CW has been a breath of fresh air. The team finished the season unbeaten, not losing a single map in the process. The hours put by RYDOG and co has truly paid off and they are now the team to beat much like the Sappers were in MW. Key new additions have elevated the bar that means competition for places has never been more difficult.

- CS:GO -

The team started well with a victory this season. After drafting in fresh talent to bolster the squad,  they could boast a 50% record after 6 games. Unfortunately, having the Gunners and Signals towards the end of the season saw them finish with 3 wins and 6 defeats and putting them 5th in the table. Some "interesting" events such as fire alarms and COVID duties did not help but there is definitely more to come from this team.

- League of Legends -

Another side to start with a win, but that's as good as it got for the LoL team. For the remainder of the season, the "prime" five players would not have the opportunity to squad-up together again. Low elo subs would prove to be too much for ZombiePie and his team to carry as victory remained out of reach for the remainder of the season. Hopes are high going forward with experienced players joining the ranks and the competition for places hotting up. Watch this space!!

- CoD B Team -

A surprise to everyone outside of REME Esports was the B team domination of Division 2. Captain Maccies had his side insanely well drilled and scrims against other corps team showed they would be dangerous. That's certainly how it panned out as they too posted a flawless season. It would have been with 0 maps dropped but for their final league game to be replayed against the Infantry A due to a perceived ruled infringement. The replayed game and the final one of the season to decide the title went down to the wire. With the scores tied at 2-2 ,the final map of Search and Destroy went all the way to round 11 with the REME eventually winning 6-5 and 3-2 overall.

Congratulations to every player who got involved this season, the off season is a good chance to have a well earned break and refresh the team composition. Team captains will be looking to maximise the talent going forward and if we've learnt anything from this season at all, it's that strength in depth will be essential to overall success.