Post Match Report:
REME take on RAC in War Thunder

26 August 2021


Article by Mike "AsphoFields" Galloway

The REME War Thunder team first formed about a month ago with a mix of relatively new players and those with thousands of hours and sweat buried in the game. It seemed appropriate that one of our first games should be against the Royal Armoured Corps, the corps at the heart of the game. With the RAC as the users of the tank and REME responsible for repairs and maintenance, this showdown would test if we can break them too.





Commentators - Sgt_Sabot, MRKFour

Game 1, The Battle of Hurtgen Forest.

A slaughter for the Americans in World War 2; like the Germans of the day the RAC took a stand in their Tigers and panthers and immediately dug in around the cap. With Pyrophoric staunch in the middle in his KV220 and Dec_tanker, JT_Ormie and JackWilko spread alongside, the initial fightback looked promising. Through stalwart defence from the likes of Landship Pirate and effective flanking from Fishmeister, the advance was halted and the RAC ultimately emerged with the first victory.
RAC 1 - REME 0

Game 2: 38th Parallel

This was the REME choice of map. Early adoption of positions for the REME side saw an impenetrable baseline establish across the map. With AsphoFields locking down the eastern side, the RAC were funnelled into the carnivorous maw of the waiting REME team. A Panther heavy advance from the RAC looked promising from the outset, and with the close proximity of fighting, every shot would count. the RAC exhibited impressive game play and tactics, with Soul_lord99 and Landship_Pirate working in tandem to try to push REME off the objective. RAC air support caused issues all the way through, with an impressive kill from Fishmeister. Gunning down an unfortunate Pyrophoric whilst crashing in flames himself. As the smoke cleared, the REME stood victorious, with a last minute push from Drunkbritishguy to seal the REME side's first victory.
RAC 1 - REME 1


Game 3: Seversk-13
This map outside of competitive play is noted for it's many hiding spots, long sight lines and awkward to capture objectives. The 3rd game was no different, early flanking manoeuvres from the RAC were successful in opening up the eastern side of the map. The fighting was typically centralised around the objective. The REME digging their heels in over and over again to blunt the advance of the RAC. The skies were filled with fire early on, Hussar91 and Danlambert pounding the ground relentlessly, removing REME's AA defence. Death from above was a haunting prospect. As the game ground on with critical fire from both sides, outstanding positioning and communication on both sides led the game to a writhing stalemate. REME's hold on the cap throughout was enough to eventually grind the RAC to defeat.
RAC 1 - REME 2

Game 4: Alaska
This game got off to a kinetic start. Dec_Tanker scoring an early victory over Hussar91 in the air, Soul_Lord99 securing an early objective capture for the RAC leading to his team staging a full team pile in. Slowly but surely the cap zone was picked apart, flaming wrecks littering the objective, the ever present Bateman pressing forward to rebuild the RAC advance. The city buildings on this map make it a nightmare for any pilot to accurately bomb, (JT_Ormie_93's attempt leaving him as a burning crater; albeit not being the only one he dragged to a fiery grave) this meant that artillery fire was a near constant. Both teams cautiously pushing back in to wrest the objective back for their team amongst the near constant explosions. The fighting picked up again however and fierce exchanges of fire from every direction making life on the objective very short lived. Eventually, the REME side seized the objective back, forcing the remaining RAC team members into the skies. With the objective safely in hand, REME marched to their 3rd game victory, and their first overall match victory.

Top tier gameplay from all players today, every player a part of the team they represented, and no one left their side lacking. Throughout the games, the REME team communications, teamwork and superior positioning won out in the end. New players to the scene have really found their feet and brought home the win over the more experienced RAC team. With the view now to push forward and build ourselves as a team, develop new players, master even more maps and game styles in the face of the next challenge. The game won today will form the base of what we are aiming to make into an Inter Corps league.