CoD A Team Double Header leaves them on verge of League Title

26 March 2021

Article By: Mark "FarouqDubz" Wheal

An impromptu rescheduling of last week's missed game vs AGC saw the Call of Duty A Team compete on both Monday and Wednesday. With Army Esports CoD team members Tango and Enzy unavailable for selection for Monday's game Vs AGC, there was the possibility for an upset which would give an opportunity for the chasing pack to close the gap at the top of the table.

In spite of the new map Apocalypse making its first appearance as a Hardpoint round, the REME side were able to overcome early match jitters that saw the scores at roughly 90-90 after the first round of rotations. The second round of rotations however, was a very different story. The REME side dominated 4 in a row to eventually secure the game and take a 1-0 lead.

The AGC will have been rueing the missed opportunity to apply pressure as this REME side have been ruthless on SnD and Control game modes thus far this season. This was no different as "Laser-Like" accuracy from Millsy and smart positioning from Ish would send the side into the lead from which they would never look back, eventually finishing 6-1 on Raid in favour of the REME.

With Breathing space at 2-0, Control seemed a foregone conclusion. The side however did not take their foot off the gas and continued to apply relentless pressure, eventually securing the 3-0 on Checkmate. Strong performances from Teq and Rydog rounded off a solid team performance that ensure their flawless streak continued.

Next up for the side was their match vs the Royal Artillery on Wednesday in their scheduled match on the Lions League Twitch Channel. In spite of a delayed start due to casting issues, this affair would play out much the same. Apocalypse would again be the opening Hardpoint map however, with the returning Tango, it was clear the REME side had learned their lessons from Mondays game. Players were able to build streaks and fine tune their rotations and whilst the score would finish closer at 250-143, the performance as a whole seemed more complete.

Again, Raid would be the first SnD matchup, and again, it would finish 6-1 to the REME. It was actually almost a carbon copy of the AGC game with a round being dropped early on only for the side to go on a 5 streak and close out the game. It's interesting to see how well drilled on each map the A team has become and is a testament to the amount of practice put in to the finer details for consistency.

Next up and instead of Checkmate like the AGC game, control would be contested on Garrison. The RA side started strongly and after having the score tied at 1-1, it looked like they might go onto end the REME's flawless streak. Aggression levels rose within the REME ranks however, and they went on to win the next 2 rounds to secure it 3-1 with round 3 and 4 wins coming via time-out on defence and kill limit on attack respectively. That would mean a second 3-0 victory overall of the week and them stay at the summit with 6 wins from 6 games.

Interestingly, the REME will be the only team to have competed against every side in the original league line up as their games vs both R-Sigs sides came before each team left the league. With 1 game to go against the Royal Armoured Corps, they will be feeling the pressure to close out a flawless season. Can they do it and secure the league title? Only time will tell.